Hi – as someone once said, I’ve no enemies, only friends I’ve not yet met.  Well, sort of…..

If you’re thinking of contacting me, you’re probably first wondering if I’m the actual David Rowell you’re wanting to contact or not.  While my name isn’t as common as, for example, John Smith’s name purportedly is, I’m astonished at the amount of email I get from people contacting some other D Rowell or Daniel Rowell or indeed David Rowell.

I’m the guy from New Zealand, in Redmond (near Seattle), Washington.  The guy with the blog, who used to have the travel agency, was with Trigon and Burroughs, and various other things.

And, here’s the thing.  If you want to contact me, the chances are you should already know how to reach me.  Unless you’re the long lost but never forgotten girlfriend who now realizes she should never have left me, or the attorney acting on behalf of the Nigerian Prince who wishes to press millions of dollars into my deserving hands.

So, here’s the deal.  If you’re still reading, fill in this form and I’ll send you my bank account details for you to transfer my inheritance to, or whatever.  Perhaps.

What do you have to say for yourself?